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I am an EASA licensed Flight Instructor, Theoretical Instructor, Software Developer and Project Manager with previous work experience as a Flight Operations Manager and in Marketing, Software Development & Design. I currently focus on freelance flight instruction for both practical and theoretical parts of flight training. I also own a GA aircraft, a Socata TB-9.

Flight Instructor & Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

My passion has always been in aviation. I began my aviation career in South Africa in 2016.

  • Birthday: 20th of August 1996
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  • City: Harderwijk, Gelderland & Breda, Brabant
  • Age: 26
  • Degree: Flight Instructor
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In the summer of 2016 I began my ATPL training career in South Africa at 43 Air School. This brilliant experience fully confirmed my lifelong aviation dream. Due to visa problems I unfortunatley had to return to Europe to continue my training.
Eventually I obtained my Pilots License in the Netherlands, and my Flight Instructor rating in Slovenia, in what I can only describe as one of the best flight schools I have experienced in Europe.

Some people see flight instruction as a way for low-hour pilots to get enough hours to apply for the airlines, but for me the case is different. While I previously dreamt of flying a 747 from Amsterdam to Atlanta, my focus has shifted to General Aviation which I find much more interesting and exciting. I also genuinely love flight instructing, and have instructed old, young, foreign people. I am also a volunteer for 'Hoogvliegers', a non-profit which can be described as an aviation 'Make-a-wish' for severly ill childern.


Here is some relevant information about me.

Flight Hours

Hours of Instruction*

Hours outside of NL

SEP Types

Special Interest

While as a flight instructor you have to prove yourself to be knowledgable in all areas of Flying, there are certain areas which particularly enjoy and am passionate about. From my previous workplace I noticed a lot of people were not prepared to fly to a different CTR, let alone cross the border and fly to a foreign airfield. I specifically enjoy longer navigation flights where the student and I can practice a lot of things in the real world.


Navigation Flights

Longer navigation flights crossing CTR's, Borders, FIR's, and more.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Landings, Fire Practice, etc

Low visibility

I have flown a lot of low visibility flights with students


Making radio communications not intimidating


Departure Procedures, special procedures, and more.



From abstract concepts such as magnetic dip to conversions between units

Flight Planning

Fuel Calculations, Track Calculations, Diversion Planning

Radio Navigation

From VOR's, DME's to NDB's. We'll make it understandable.

VFR Communications

I have created an interactive VFR communications course for my students


One of the most important parts of flying, and one of the most fun to explain.

Aviation Resume

Since 2016 I have been consistently active in the Aviation sector either studying or working in multiple aspects of aviation. Below is a summary of my aviation relevant education & work experience. If you want to know about my software development background, please contact me. Note however, that I am currently only interested in a job in the aviation sector.


iATPL (Jet Pilot Programme)

2016 - 2017

43 Air School, Port Alfred, South Africa.

ATPL in the largest flight school of the southern hemisphere. First solo on the ZS-JGD in April of 2016. Eventually had to return to the Netherlands for a visa renewal which was problematic.


2018 - 2020

Flight School, Lelystad, Netherlands

Obtained my PPL in 2020 at a large flight school in Lelystad Airport, where I worked at the time.

Night Rating

2021 - 2022

Flight School, Lelystad, Netherlands

Obtained my Night Rating in 2021 at the flight school where I worked at the time.

ATPL Theory

2021 -

Orbit Flight School, Netherlands

EASA ATPL subjects via home study.

Flight Instuctor

2022 - 2022

Jus Flight School, Bled, Slovenia

Flight Instructor Rating done in the Julian Alps of Slovenia on a Diesel C172. One of the best aviation experiences of my life.

Night Rating Instuctor

2022 - 2022

Jus Flight School, Bled, Slovenia

Same flight school for my general FI rating.

LPE & RT Examiner

2022 - current


Currently in the process of becoming an LPE examiner to assess a persons proficiency with aviation English. After obtaining my examiner certificate I will continue for Radio Telephony examiner.

Professional Experience

Flight Operations, IT & related tasks

2018 - 2020

Flight School, Lelystad Airport

  • Flight Operations such as flight planning, managing bookings, solving agenda issues when an aircraft becomes US.
  • IT tasks to manage the at that time outdated IT infrastructure.
  • Aircraft Refuelling
  • Aircraft Preflight (first check of the day)
  • Basic maintenance tasks
  • Other office tasks

Flight Operations Manager, Marketing & IT

2020 - June 2022

Flight School, Lelystad Airport

  • Planning for regular and MPL (Airline Pilot Training) flights.
  • Managed up to 5 projects or tasks at a given time while under pressure
  • Recommended and consulted with staff on new and appropriate graphic design
  • Created 43+ design presentations and proposals for the new house style which I designed
  • Co-created a website for purchasing flight vouchers which far exceeded revenue expectations
  • Customer sales, highest sign up rate for new students among all employees
  • Customer support and related tasks.

Flight Instructor

March 2022 - June 2022

Flight School, Lelystad Airport

  • Flight Lessons for current and prospective students
  • Checkouts
  • SEP Renewals
  • Maintenance flights

Flight Instructor

June 2022 - Current


  • Theoretical & Practical lessons
  • Refresher courses for VFR communication, Navigation, Flight Planning
  • Checkouts
  • SEP Renewals


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  • Cockpit
  • Sunset
  • Europe

Socata TB9 PH-BEA

Socata TB9 flying towards the sunset

Cessna 172 above a broken ceiling

Broken ceilings

Night Flight

Night Flight in a Cessna 172

Short Final

Short Final on Lelystad Airport on a rainy day.

Sunset over the wing

After returning from Sweden this was our view

Socata TB9 // Bombardier CSeries

Twente Airport, 2021.

Sunset over the coast

Sunset of the Dutch coast in the PH-BEA

Flying towards Sweden

Over the North Atlantic

Flying over Schiphol

Over a very crowded Schiphol during COVID times.


I offer many aviation related services for prospective pilots, students and currently licensed pilots.

Flight Training

I am able to provide flight instruction for LAPL, SEP and Night Rating. I also do recurrent training.

Theoretical Training

I am able to provide theoretical training in English and Dutch for all MLA, LAPL, and PPL subjects. Note that you will still need to be enrolled in a official theorical course.

Quickest License in Western Europe

If available, I am able to provide full time flight instruction to anyone looking to get a LAPL license. This way you will be sure you are getting your license in the quickest way possible. After a few hours, our flights will be longer than a normal course, and we can even do the training while doing a European Trip. Note, this option is significantly more expensive since I will be available full time.


I can do checkouts on the C172, Socata TB9 & TB10, Piper PA28 and Fuji FA200.

SEP Renewals

I can renew your SEP in case it has not expired.

General Aviation Tutoring

Wether it's VFR communications, CTR procedures, border crossings, or more, I will be able to help you, either online or in person.



Harderwijk & Breda


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